Face to face training courses in core and mandatory topics and specific conditions


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Each of our training courses has been created specifically for health and social care workers, domiciliary carers and residential carers. There are practical elements in each training course to reinforce the practical nature of the job role

  • The face-to-face training can be delivered at your place of work, which can ease pressures of losing valuable staff for a long period of the day.
  • The face-to-face training can be delivered at various times during the day, to assist you in planning staff rotas and shifts to ensure all can attend.

The courses and packages offered will help managers and care providers meet regulatory requirements and standards.

The Care Certificate


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We approach this like an NVQ structure. We provide a mentor to ensure candidates are supported through the care certificate process by collecting and assessing knowledge-based evidence, with them to meet the care certificate standards.

To take pressure off managers we will

  • Book regular reviews and workshops to ensure candidates are on track and confident completing the work required.
  • Be contactable so that candidates will come to us with any issues, problems, queries or advice needed for their care certificate
  • Issue individualised certificates for each unit to show candidates have met specific learning objective, this allows you to easily match evidence against the Care certificate standards for regulatory bodies.

To complete the award the only thing you will have to do is sign off the required observations of competence, as we will be logging all evidence met we will share this document with you so that you can complete the observation elements.


General day to day support for managers of health and social care services.


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Managing a health and social care service is one of the most demanding job roles, if you haven’t worked as a manager in the care sector it is very hard to appreciate the long hours, commitment, personal attachment and day to day stresses that are involved.

We can help by supporting managers in their roles, catching up with jobs and taking some pressure off, such as helping with PIR documents, help with applying for tenders, preparing for an inspection, writing policies, auditing MAR charts, updating staff training, updating staff supervisions and day to day support you may need.

There is no contractual time so if you only need support for one day then this is fine by us.

  • We can work alongside yourself in your place of work to support you and the team
  • We can work remotely, set us the tasks to do and we will ‘crack on’ and liaise with you frequently to ensure we are doing what you need.